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Welcome to our New Home for Saxon Designs Pottery and Jewelry in Igo CA.  We are located just southeast of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.  We relocated to Igo in 2019 and finally got our studio up and running in May 2020!. We are in the process of adding new inventory as we restart our pottery and jewelry production.  Thanks for stoppy by!



Moving a Kiln Across the Country - Welcome to Chico CA!

We finally made it to Northern California!  Chico to be more specific.  It's been a long year full of hard work and managing the move of our house and the pottery studio.  It was very tiring, but in the end, we are glad to be here in NorCal.  Can't say enough about the beautiful scenery and weather in the Chico/Redding area.  (Yes we were already here in Chico when the camp fire hit, but that's another story)

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